Selecting a Casket or Coffin

We recognise that selecting a coffin or casket can be a difficult task when arranging a funeral. Considerations may include religious or cultural beliefs, materials used in manufacturing, economic circumstances and personal style or taste. Harrison Funerals range of coffins and caskets varies in size and design, providing you with many options to suit both your personal and families choice.

What is the difference between a coffin and a casket?

Made from particle board or solid timber, a coffin has a more traditional shape that tapers at the head and feet and generally has four or six individual handles. The lid is separate and is secured with four or six screws.

Rectangular-shaped caskets are made from solid timber or metal and have the same height and width at the head and the feet. A casket lid is attached with hinges at one side. Caskets may have individual or swing bar handles.

Solid Colour

A limited range of styles are available in solid colours. Using either one piece silver or gold handles of the drop bar style of handles (as shown on the Devon Casket) A number of styles of coffins and caskets are available in oversize. Additional charges will apply.

Expressions Coffins

If you would like to view the complete range of expressions coffins click here.

Please contact us with any enquiries. In addition to a wide range of coffins and caskets we also offer the complete range of urns and memorial jewellery from Final Touch Australia. We also create and print orders of service/mass booklets, bookmarks and memorial stationary such as thank you cards.


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